Latte Art Throwdown

Here’s a video shot and edited by Maxwell Shockley the night of Friday, February 6, when Take Five Coffee + Bar and our roasters from Broadway Cafe & Roastery hosted a latte art throwdown for the ages. Twenty-six of the city’s top baristas lined up in a single-elimination tournament. All free-pour, no etching, and every one of them looked beautiful. Take Five’s own Micah Prior won the night! Check it out:

The music that night was from the Rich Wheeler Quartet: Rich Wheeler, tenor saxophone, TJ Martley, piano, Joel Stratton, bass, Sam Wisman, drums.


Espresso drinks

Expertly pulled shots of coffee made with Broadway Roasting Co.’s superlative espresso beans on a chrome dream* from La Marzocco, Florence, Italy. Each drink is hand-made to the highest standards. We believe you’ll find it worth the wait.

*(There’s no evidence that being adored makes a machine produce better coffee, but there’s no evidence against it, either.)

Pour-overs of single-origin beans

When you want the full flavor of a special coffee, this is the way. The single-origin coffees we offer change constantly. With just a few questions, our baristas can guide you to one you’ll love.

Brewed coffee

All our brewed coffees are made in glass presses, in small batches refreshed every 30 minutes. You’ll notice the difference in the flavor.

Bags of beans

Take Five for your home. Suitable for grinding and brewing, or juggling. If you have a moment, we’ll show you how we make ours, so you can enjoy great coffee at home, too.

Small, Medium, Large … Take Five?

You may notice that when we serve our coffee in ceramic cups, the price is a little lower. There are two reasons for that. First, the cups are a little smaller, so they shouldn’t cost as much. Second, we want to encourage you to sit down. Take Five.

Also, you won’t have to find a trash can, and we’ll be glad to do the dishes.