At the start of the day, at the end of the day, or somewhere in the middle, you need a break. Take Five.

You make tough decisions all day long, one after another. Your life is complicated enough. Your coffee needn’t be. Let us handle it. It’s good – you can depend on it – in fact, it’s several kinds of good, and not just the coffee. The food is fresh, just the kind of fuel you need, and it’s served in a setting where you can recharge and reconnect. A carefully selected lineup of good beers, wines, and coffee cocktails can help you unwind and find that sweet spot in your day.

On weekend evenings, Take Five transforms itself into one of the finest venues anywhere for experiencing live jazz. Our backbone is Kansas City’s jazz musician community, and we bring in the best from elsewhere too.

In our new, more spacious space at Corbin Park, 6601 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223, we have sought to take the things that have made Take Five special and make them better. The feeling you get here, of taking a moment to breathe, is the same.

Do you have a friend you really want to talk to? Got a deal you want to close on the best possible terms? Bring them here. Or drop by when you just want some time alone to think, surf the Web, listen to some great music, warm your feet by the fire, and sip a cup of incredible coffee. Take Five.

More About the Move

We’ve been fortunate to get some attention from local jazz writers. Here’s the latest:

The Pitch

Take Five Coffee + Bar takes a giant step 

When I arrive to meet Take Five Coffee + Bar co-owner Lori Chandler at her venue’s brand-new space at Corbin Park, plush red-leather chairs have just been delivered. They’re sumptuous things, deeper than they look — once you’ve burrowed into one, you’re reluctant to rise from it. Chandler is delighted by them. She pushes the chairs to the front of the platform stage, arranging and rearranging them like a kid trying out a toy. [...]

Plastic Sax

Take Two of Take Five

By Happy In Bag

An inconspicuous sign in an inviting cranny of the new location of Take Five Coffee + Bar provides welcome news for Kansas City’s jazz scene.  The government-mandated plaque reads “maximum occupancy 189.” [...]